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Father McDonald Class of 1977

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This is the important part about OUR web site...You have to get in touch with me to make sure that I have some kind of contact information for you.This will be used only to advise you of updates to the web site and important news concerning our get together.I will not use or give out this information to anyone unless you specify that it is not a problem.

So please enter your information in the form below and submit it to me. I will add your name to a mailing list which will be used to send news to everyone who submits an e-mail address.If you don't have an e-mail address, send me a phone number and Patrick or myself will contact you when there is news or changes.This is not restricted to the graduating students of '77.If you know someone who may be interested in our news and progress, get them to submit their info.EX.-Faculty members, friends, family...etc.

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