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Father McDonald Class of 1977

Reunion Commitee

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On this page we'll list your reunion commitee.

Cynthia Aboud
Classmates liason, Door prizes

E-Mail Cynthia

Steve Bourke
Webmaster, Newsletter

E-Mail Steve

René Choinière
Corporate Sponsorship

E-Mail René

Lynda Gallay
Meeting Chairperson, Treasurer

E-Mail Lynda

Sal Lancione
Faculty liason

E-Mail Sal

Narja Leiva

E-Mail Narja

Edward Palangiewicz
Music Coordinator, photographer

E-Mail Edward

Patrick Raftus
CEO, Phone calls, Doorprizes, Car Pool coordinator

E-Mail Patrick

Jean-Pierre Rayes

Doorprizes, Treasurer

E-Mail Jean-Pierre

Contact Patrick HERE if you wish to help us out.